Hi there and welcome to my food blog ~ Whisky Green Tea.

Whisky Green Tea journals my recipe tryouts. It is something I use to try and keep track of all my cooking recipes. Especially more so now since my previous journal - a.k.a my little black book - has now seemed to have had it with having to spent 1/2 it's life in the kitchen. (ie. majority of its pages being covered in an unslightly layer of what would appear to be a mixture of flour & oil). Whenever I do have the time now, I've started transferring the recipes from my little black book over to this blog.

This blog was created in 2005, and officially came back to life in early 2009. Most of the recipes you will see published prior to 2009, was either saved in draft and now republished, documented in the little black book and now transferred over, or was published under my personal blog (which also started in 2005) and now copied over.

Thinking about this now, I find it a bit hilarious. I orginally gave up the blogging idea and started putting pen to paper in the little black book. And now nearly 4 years later, I'm going back to the blog. Somehow I feel like I'm going backwards.

Why the name 'WhiskyGreenTea' .. and what has it got to do with cooking...??

Well..a part from a batch of green tea shortbread cookie I have made before..nothing really :)

The name Whisky Green Tea, is actually an alcoholic drink. Chivas Whisky mixed with sweetened Green Tea. A beverage that my friends and I were quite accustomed to having nearly every weekend for quite a while. So when the time came to come up with an another name for my food journal, this was the only one I could think of. Most probably being the only thing I had consumed the day before. My life has changed a lot since then. Maybe I should have registered a name more on the lines of 'Lis's Kitchenette' or 'Kitchenette of Lis'. --The use of 'kitchenette' instead of 'kitchen' is in reference to the small tiny kitchen in my apartment.

Should anyone actually know of a food recipe that uses both whisky & green tea.. pls let me know. :)

I thoroughly enjoy browsing around and reading other people's recipes. More often than not, they become the source of my next cooking venture. Where applicable, if I do end up using or adapting from a recipe, I will reference and credit the owner and include the link I found it from.

Pls feel free to comment or ask any questions on the blog. Happy cooking.. :)

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